Merger Review Deals API

Table of contents

Query parameters 

The following is a sample selection of the most commonly used query parameters. The full list of query parameters for the Merger Review Deals API is available via the Swagger pages. 


Use the ‘companyIDInRole’ property to get deals where a certain company is the target, or the bidder in an M&A, or the agency regulating the transaction.  

For example, the following query will return all deals where American Airlines Group Inc. is the bidder. 

The following query will return all deals where the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) is one of the regulators. 

The unique identifier of a company or agency can be obtained using the Entities API. 

You can use multiple IDs for companies, as well as multiple roles.  


Get all deals that are relevant for a specific industry, based on the sector of the target, or the bidder company. The industry classification is according to Acuris proprietary categorization.  

For example, the following query will return all deals where the target company operates in the automotive sector. 

You can also combine multiple company IDs and roles to increase the scope of your query.  

targetCountry’ and ‘bidderCountry 

Use these parameters to find deals for companies that operate, or are headquartered, in specific countries. For example, to query for deals where the target is in the United Kingdom and the bidder is in France, you can use the following query. 


Tdelve in the details of a specific transaction and all the associated regulatory events, you can use the deal’s “prime-id”.