Transaction Clauses API

Table of contents

Data glossary

Field NameExampleDescription
‘Document Id’‘documentId:62768357’Parent Document | Id
‘Classification’‘classification:347’Corporate Actions
‘year’‘year:2020’Issue Date | Year
‘Company’‘company:5705’Companies & Relevant Parties | Id
‘Industries’‘sector:8000’Industries | Id
‘Countries’‘country:1’Country | Id
‘Language’‘language:20’Language | Id
‘Market of Listing’‘market:70’Market of Listing | Id
‘Document Type’‘documentType:168’Document Type | Id
‘Clause Type’‘clauseType:751’Clause Type | Id
‘Index’‘index:3’Index | Id
‘Financial Reports’‘bookmark:10’Financial Reports | Bookmark
‘Clause Text Search’‘clauseText:(‘Preferred Securities’)’Clause Text Search
‘year’‘year:2023’Maturity Date | Year
‘Transaction Size’‘transactionSize:[50000000 TO *]’Transaction Size (More than 50 million)
‘Currency’‘currency:5’Currency | Id
‘Coupon’‘couponValue:[10 TO *]’Coupon Value (More than 10%)
‘ISIN’‘isin:XS1962484801’Isin | Isin