Individuals and Wealth Search API

Table of contents

Query parameters

‘fullName’, ‘firstName’, ‘middleName’, ‘lastName’

You can use any of these query parameters to search individuals by their name. Where available our research team captures the first, middle and last name of the individual, each can be search separately using ‘firstName’, ‘middleName’ and ‘lastName’ respectively, or as a single item using ‘fullName’. The default matching is ‘partial match’.

‘country’, ‘state’, ‘city’, ‘postcode’

To search for individual within a specific geographic area, you can define the country, state, city and postcode.

‘companyName’, ‘companyId’

You can use ‘companyName’ to get all individuals associated by our research team with an entity by name, the default match is ‘partial match’. If you already have a company identifier, you can pass it to ‘companyId’. Analytics


Search for individuals who have given role in at least one company.,prime-owner

Using the company name or id in conjunction with this parameter limits results to individuals belonging to the company AND having given role in it.,prime-owner&companyName=ION Analytics


Total wealth bracket of an individual, from affluent to ultra rich.

Wealth brackets definitionUSDEURGBP
Affluent< USD 1.35m< EUR 1.00m< GBP 0.80m
Very AffluentUSD 1.35 – 4.73mEUR 1.00 – 3.50mGBP 0.80 – 2.80m
Ultra AffluentUSD 4.73 – 6.75mEUR 3.50 – 5.00mGBP 2.80 – 4.00m
HNW (High Net Worth) AffluentUSD 6.75 – 13.5mEUR 5.00 – 10.0mGBP 4.00 – 8.00m
Very HNWUSD 13.5 – 27.0mEUR 10.0 – 20.0mGBP 8.00 – 16.0m
Ultra HNWUSD 27.0 – 40.5mEUR 20.0 – 30.0mGBP 16.0 – 24.0m
RichUSD 40.5 – 54.0mEUR 30.0 – 40.0mGBP 24.0 – 32.0m
Very RichUSD 54.0 – 67.5mEUR 40.0 – 50.0mGBP 32.0 – 40.0m
Ultra Rich> USD 67.5m> EUR 50.0m> GBP 40.0m

‘wealthValueFrom’, ‘wealthValueTo’, ‘wealthValueCurrency’

These parameters allow you to refine your search on individuals with total wealth value within a specific range (in millions).

‘fuzzySearch’, ‘exactSearch’

‘fuzzySearch’ allows you to match company and individuals name (any part of it) with degrees of discrepancy, e.g. “Payton” will also match “Payson”. If you want an exact string match then use ‘exactSearch’.


The ‘q’ query parameter allows you to run a free text search across all the information of a profile. For example the query below can be used to find all individuals interested in ‘fine wines’. Free text search should be encoded according to the percent-encoding standard, e.g. ‘&’ as ‘%26’.

‘lastPublishedFrom’, ‘lastPublishedTo’

You can use either of these parameters to find individual profiles published within a certain date range.


You can retrieve the list of all companies associated to an individual in our database. To do so use the individual’s prime-id number and append ‘/companies’ to the query.