Softmar Dashboards

Softmar brings you a complete picture of shipping operations with advanced functionality for chartering, vessel operation, and risk management. The Softmar Dashboard uses ION technology that delivers insight into key data from your Softmar database. The module comes with several ready-made dashboards, including: KPIs, Exposure MTM, Commercial, Financial, Counterparty Performance, Vessel Performance, and Market Prices. A modern and dynamic user interface displays in your web browser. It works as an extension to your Softmar software creating an enhanced user experience with easy access to your data.

What’s covered in the “Softmar Dashboards” fact sheet

  • How the Softmar Dashboards give your shipping business actionable intelligence
  • How to keep your KPIs front and center with user-friendly, real-time dashboards
  • How to quickly identify operational risks and take advantage of market opportunities
  • How to save time and put trusted information at your fingertips

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