ION for Manufacturing and CPG

With a constantly evolving supply chain, manufacturing and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies look for more predictable ways to budget for raw materials, explain spend variances versus budget, and ensure plants always have adequate supplies. Market volatility can force any operation to deviate from its planned budget. But with clear visibility into a price risk management plan, these deviations can be minimized, if not eliminated. Read the brochure to learn more.

What’s covered in “ION for Manufacturing and CPG brochure”

  • How ION Commodities offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for manufacturing and CPG operations
  • Overviews of ION’s Agtech and TriplePoint solutions for manufacturing and CPG operations
  • ION Commodities’ solutions that help manufacturing and CPG operations forecast, contract and hedge raw materials
  • How organizations can deliver operational efficiency Day 1 with out-of-the-box manufacturing and CPG features

Discover how ION Commodities enables manufacturing and CPG companies to make more informed decisions with the right data. Download the brochure today!

Download the brochure