XTP Spark: Back-office automation for trading businesses of any size

November 8, 2022

Life is complicated. Automation can make it simpler.

At ION, we strive to automate wherever we can. We believe in replacing repetitive and error-prone manual tasks with seamless automated workflows. That’s how our technology empowers people and businesses to achieve more.

Workflow automation throughout the trade lifecycle

Ninety per cent of the world’s top banks trust our technology to automate and simplify their processes. They rely on solutions such as XTP, our award-winning front-to-back trade processing system for cleared derivatives.

With regulation increasing and margins diminishing, cleared derivatives businesses need to reduce costs and focus on growth. But many firms are held back by outdated technology.

XTP streamlines and accelerates workflows by automating processes and eliminating manual steps within a robust control framework. Capable of processing large trade volumes at high STP rates, XTP runs continuously in real-time, 24 hours a day with no downtime. It can also be readily integrated with existing systems using our flexible API framework.

Trades and allocations flow seamlessly downstream for accurate clearing, settlement, risk management, and reporting in real time, giving you the data and analytics you need for total control of your business.

By automating workflows, providing instant visibility of client activity, and ensuring compliance with regulatory and exchange requirements, XTP equips you to focus on exceptions, freeing up valuable time for you to dedicate to your clients.

We’re not just here to help global Tier 1 banks

You might be thinking, XTP sounds great. But is it the right solution for my business?

For one thing, this advanced technology sounds expensive. I don’t have that sort of budget.

Then there’s the complexity of the implementation. Surely, it’ll be a long project with lots of moving parts. There’ll be weeks of analysis, reams of requirements, and a project plan stretching ahead for months.

And complexity brings risk. Even the smoothest-running projects can hit unforeseen slippages and overruns. Who needs that stress and worry?

Sometimes, the fear of all this cost, complexity, and risk can deter you from investing in the technology your business really needs.

Advanced back-office technology should be available to everyone

We believe advanced back-office automation should be within the reach of businesses of any size. Not just global Tier 1 banks, but also start-ups, regional clearers, and niche operators.

That’s why we’ve created XTP Spark, our new turn-key solution for cleared derivatives processing.

The advanced digital back-office available out of the box

XTP Spark is our out-of-the box version of XTP. It’s quick to deploy and simple to use. In fact, we’ve streamlined the implementation process so much that you can go live – or spin it up, as we say – in just a matter of weeks.

Our new solution is ideal for firms of any size who are starting their digitalization journey and who require fast, efficient, and accurate back-office functionality that fulfills client, regulatory, and exchange requirements.

It provides everything your trading business needs for efficient and accurate back-office operations today. And it can scale to support your future business growth.

Built on ION’s scalable and modular technology, XTP Spark is the perfect digital back-office solution for smaller clearing firms with aspirations to expand.

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