Real Time Event Data API

Table of contents

Table of contents


Ultra-low Latency UDP, Multi-cast Event Data Feed
Selerity’s fastest delivery channel is our ultra-low latency, UDP binary over multi-cast feed distributed via colocated cross connect in Equinix datacenters NY2 and in Aurora, Illinois.  Selerity’s most latency sensitive clients use this feed. It’s also important to note that Selerity’s multi-cast feed uses Swordfish, a proprietary messaging protocol developed by Selerity to deliver ultra-low latency event data to clients.

Streaming Json Feed and reference data API
The SeleritySync API is a web-based application programming interface that makes available all of Selerity’s reference and event data via Selerity’s Narwhal protocol (derived from the open source JSON-RPC 2.0 specification).  The API allows clients to directly interact with Selerity’s machine-readable calendar event data over HTTP.  Additionally, clients can access the Observation Specifications (Observation Specs) required to decode low latency UDP, multi-cast messages.

Full documentation

Detailed technical information for the Selerity Real Time Event Data API is available and will be provided when you start your trial.