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The Acuris ETF Ideas API gives you live push of ETF idea open and close event messages from contributors in all regions. 

It is delivered over HTTPS, conforms to RESTful principles, and returns JSON objects. 

Quick start

To retrieve ideas, you must first request an API key token:   

curl -XPOST -d 'username=YOUR_USERNAME' -d 'password=YOUR_PASSWORD'

You can then call the ETF Ideas Ideas API endpoint and get the latest published content for your subscription. For example, the first 10 events:  

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY'{stream_id}/-1/10 

Ideas are represented as an ordered sequence of events (e.g. Open, Close) with a correlation identifier. To construct the current state of an Idea all of its events must be processed in the provided order.   


We recommend the use of GZIP compression to gain up to 80% reduction in the JSON data transfer. 


Concurrency and rate limits

The system does not enforce any concurrency or rate limits. Client systems should be written to use the Long Polling feature of the API. Long Polling blocks your request until a new event appears, or a specified timeout expires, hence providing lower latency and resource usagpoe than repeatedly querying the API in a tight loop.