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About TreasuraSpark

Knowing how much cash you have on hand is important for any organiztion. As your business grows, this once simple task can become complex and time consuming and dedicated treasury software goes from a nice-to-have to a necessity. TreasuraSpark is a straight-forward cash management solution that collects and reconciles bank data to provide an instant snapshot of your cash position at any time. You can be set up in a matter of hours, and add more functionality as your business evolves.

Why TreasuraSpark?

Manually collecting data from multiple banks, consolidating it, and managing several spreadsheets could take you hours each day to get an accurate view of your available cash. With TreasuraSpark, you gain real-time visibility of your cash and automate your daily cash processes in minutes.

  • Get off spreadsheets in < 24 hours with online purchase and quick setup.

  • Eliminate manual collection of bank statement data.

  • Instantly view your position and forecast cashflows.

  • Create rule-based processes and only manage exceptions.

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface.

  • Add new functionality as you need it.

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With ION’s TreasuraSpark, gain real-time visibility of your cash and automate your daily cash processes in minutes.

Why spreadsheets don’t stack up.



Connectivity to banks
Highly manual and repetitive steps to get daily bank information using multiple logins, downloads, and uploads.
Automated connectivity to multiple banks. Uploads bank data directly into system.
Cash management
Manually consolidate cash data from multiple company sources.
Automated collection and consolidation of cash information.
Cash positioning
Multiple spreadsheets, users, and locations prevents single view of cash, banking, and forecast data.
Centralized and efficient view of your cash and forecasts.
Manual manipulation of financial data leads to unreliable and error-prone information.
Pre-built reports ensure calculations are correct and data is categorized accurately and consistently each day.
Reconciling actual vs. expected activity is very time consuming and lacks proper segregation of duties.
Expected cash flows are matched with actuals automatically. Exceptions managed with role-based security and audit trails.
Accounting entries must be entered manually.
Accounting entries are generated automatically.
Lack of standardized structures, processes, and controls increases risk, especially with job rotations and turnover.
Easy to navigate and setup daily tasks with “daily journeys” which provide step-by-step tasks for cash managers to follow.

Which service is right for you?


An entry-level cash management solution to get off spreadsheets in less than a day.


A cash and liquidity management solution for companies ready to automate their cash operations.

Implementation time
< 24 hours
< 3 months
Number of banks
Number of users
Daily transactions
Number of currencies
  • TreasuraSpark has eliminated the necessity to log in to seven different bank portals and manually re-key that information.

    Karen Davis
    Director of Treasury, CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many bank connections does TreasuraSpark come with?

    The monthly fee includes 2 automated connections. If you need more, they are available for a small fee.

  • How many users can I have?

    Up to 5 users come as standard with TreasuraSpark.

  • How many currencies can be setup in TreasuraSpark?

    1-3 depending on your needs.

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