Fidessa TCA Transaction Cost Analysis simplified, rapid, and accurate

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TCA conundrum made simple and easy

Ensuring that you and your clients get the best execution possible requires accurate and quick analysis of the order and its interaction with the market.

Fidessa TCA delivers accurate analysis using an extensive range of metrics, and a versatile and easily configured screen. It is equipped with drill-down capabilities that clearly break down the transaction and the market’s combined effect on the outcome.

You can also configure reports and generate them as the user or policies require, getting insight into the market quality and the performance of the order management or execution management systems. Our solution monitors all your transactions and meets the needs of the most demanding trading environments — owing to its high-quality data management and scalable architecture — helping you with unparalleled accuracy.

Quick, easy, and accurate with the best execution results

With Fidessa TCA, both buy-side and sell-side firms can monitor execution quality continuously, coping with today’s increasingly complex trading and execution processes. You can set up reports easily and quickly with continuous improvement in trading methods.

  • +80 key performance metrics

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Buy-side and Sell-side

  • Reporting

  • Consolidated market/trading data

Key features

  • Deep Insight into execution quality

    • Execution statistics

    • Benchmarks (VWAP, Implementation shortfall)

    • Market status

    • Implicit costs

    Fidessa Transaction Cost Analysis metrics
  • Added value to user experience with advanced technology

    • Customizable dashboards

    • UI fast response times

    • Metrics aggregation

    • Historical TCA

    Fidessa Transaction Cost Analysis dashboard
  • Reports, on-demand or scheduled

    • Built-in or customizable

    • Rapidly available

    • White labeling

    Fidessa Transaction Cost Analysis report
  • Enhanced data quality through dedicated monitoring and loading tools

    • ETL monitoring tool allowing proactive actions
      on data feed

    • Automatic syntactical and logical data validation

    Fidessa Transaction Cost Analysis ETL

Learn how Fidessa transaction cost analysis software works video

With Fidessa, manage your equities business in one platform. Fidessa unifies your trade execution, order management, and middle office into a single, automated, exception-based workflow across equities, equity swaps, and exchange-traded funds.

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