Anvil e-Trading Automate your order management across all your markets in one modular solution.

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Transform your complexity into simplicity

Electronic trading now accounts for more than 30% of repo volumes. And due to cost pressures and new regulations, it’s growing rapidly. If you’re trading on a mixture of unconnected venues and relying on outdated technology, embracing e-trading can be a challenge.
Running a repo business in today’s volatile markets using a mixture of unconnected systems can be frustrating and risky. For your business to thrive, you need technology that can transform your complexity into simplicity.

Simplify your systems so you can focus on what matters

As a repo trader you have a lot to keep track of. So many markets and brokers, all with their own screens and workflows.
Then there’s your market data, positions, trades, and emails. When you’ve got all that information spread across a mixture of outdated and unconnected screens, trying to keep up can be overwhelming.
Wherever you are in the world, whatever type of repo business you manage, ION’s repo e-trading solution can transform your complexity into simplicity. You get everything you need in one screen, where connecting to all your markets, accessing critical information, and trading at the best prices can be done in a single click.
What’s more, you can go live in just weeks.

  • Everything you need in one screen

  • All your liquidity in one view

  • Global connectivity

  • High performance

  • Scalability as your business grows

  • Rapid go-live

Key features

  • Connect to all your markets

    • 15 CLOB platforms.

    • 16 price feeds.

    • 27 inbound trade feeds.

    • We partner with every major market in the world to provide the latest features for STP, market data, and trading.

    Anvil e-Trading Solutios
  • See your order book aggregated across all your markets

    • Aggregate instruments with best prices and statistics.

    • View the depth of your order book across markets, by instrument.

    • Send orders into the market or trade on existing prices.

    • Get a complete view of your markets in one screen, with automated trading logic and data visualization tools.

    Anvil order management solutions
  • Automate your inventory management

    • Get positions and prices in real time, or use file uploads.

    • Allocate positions to orders based on your policy.

    • Use our open API to integrate any data source and customize your solution.

    • Automatically split and rebalance your orders across multiple markets based on your custom rules.

    Anvil order management system

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ION’s repo e-trading solution is here to transform the complexity of your repo business into simplicity. Get all the critical information, connect to all the markets with a single click on one screen.

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