The future of trading system display technology

January 21, 2021

Following my recent article on trading screen design, I had many comments about what technology would be coming next! This blog looks at an Xmas of the future and predicts what traders might use next year.

Recent advances in the real-time search will be further enhanced by the introduction of hashtag technology built into the core search engines of Fidessa. In the past, complex additional configuration of servers was the only approach to the ad hoc labeling of orders. This approach leads to more columns and less screen real estate for the trader. With hashtag technology, traders can label orders with any hashtag, and find those orders again later. This great feature may also be available from the buy side to add additional tags without FIX connectivity changes!

Another enhancement that traders can expect will be the ability to create custom alerts. This feature will allow traders to configure their alerts, for example, to react to changes in a grid. This new feature, combined with the power of hashtags, will produce a compelling combination. For example, a client sends some important FIX orders and messages the trader to give them special attention. With hashtags and alerts, the trader can mark the orders as- #Important and set an alert for anything that changes on them!

Lastly, on my Xmas future wish list is automation. Not algos this time, but workflow automation. Workflow automation within an order management or IOI system will automate and simplify the repetitive tasks to save traders time. The solution to this will take both an automation engine within the platform itself, and an API that can install new workflow routines when required. The automation engine will work as a trader would, with a pipeline of actions being carried out in response to an event, such as an order status change. Linked with hashtags and alerts, users will trigger events to happen, by simply adding or removing a tag! Look out for future blogs around this topic in the coming months.

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