A new asset class comes to town!

December 14, 2020

We often hear in the press of new trading venues, and in more recent months trading venues merging, but rarely new assets classes on a whole new exchange. The new exchange in the news is the IPSX Exchange that will trade real estate assets, and provide real-time liquidity in these traditionally difficult to trade items.

The new exchange will trade the real estate instruments in the same way as equities. This will allow the use of existing trading room infrastructure, giving little friction to its adoption. Therefore market makers and traders will have easy access to the new exchange’s assets.

The Fidessa trading platform will provide direct exchange connectivity for those brokers who need instant access and live market prices on their desktops. Fidessa will also support the retail brokers by providing access to clients via the Fidessa RSP product, allowing market makers to quote based on real-time market prices.

To find out more information about the new venue, visit the IPSX website.

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