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Understanding and pinpointing risks associated with dealing with new clients, partners and suppliers operating in high risk jurisdictions and industries, is not only a required compliance necessity under AML regulations around the world, but it also makes good business sense. Acuris can help you sleep better knowing that your customers’ risk profiles fit your risk objectives.

Our highly experienced international research and investigation team covers over 40 languages and have a global reach. We have created the most accurate and ever-growing library of information, with over 4 million personal, and corporate profiles.

In addition, our 14 years’ experience in the field means we are able to build Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) reports that identify detailed personal and business relationships, beneficial ownership, and financial risk intelligence information.

Our EDD reports are fully configurable to meet your exact needs and required level of due diligence. We equip our clients with the knowledge needed to analyze, identify, and evaluate risks, allowing them to make well informed business decisions that minimize financial and reputational risks, resulting in significant time savings for our customer.

Acuris’ EDD products and services have helped clients across a broad range of industries to minimize costs, mitigate risks, and protect brand reputation and shareholder value, whilst fulfilling their regulatory obligations.

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