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Bruce Bland Writes about equity trading systems and algorithmic trading with special interest in using AI in real world systems.

FIX Connect technology of the future

The world of electronic trading has been changing rapidly over…

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Trading algorithms of the future

As algorithmic trading has evolved over the years, both AI…

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Automation of existing software platforms: Part 3

Customization of existing trading platforms is a vital process within…

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Automation of existing software platforms – part 2

Evolving the capability of existing trading platforms is a vital…

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Automating existing software platforms

Adding additional automation within existing order workflow systems is never…

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The future of trading system display technology

Following my recent article on trading screen design, I had…

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Brexit: Liquidity shifts post transition period

After a difficult 12 months, Brexit finally happened. However, the…

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New asset class in town

A new asset class comes to town!

We often hear in the press of new trading venues,…

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The benefits of a good order management system during a pandemic

Trading rooms of the world have been shrinking since the…

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Three display functions that all trading systems should embrace

When trading moved from trading floors and into the digital…

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