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With the Dealogic SPAC API you have access to details of every SPAC IPO and De-SPACing event as they happen in addition to an archive including the full lifecycle of over 1,000 SPACs. 

Streamline the integration of relevant and reliable data into workflows, systems, portals and business applicationsThe API supports a wide set of query parameters, and the extended meta-data included in the API allows you to create tailored analysis of the data. It is delivered over HTTPS, conforms to RESTful principles, and returns JSON objects. 

Quick start 

To get the list of all the entities you are entitled to, simply query as follows: 


We recommend the use of GZIP compression to gain up to 80% reduction in the JSON data transfer. 


Full documentation 

Detailed technical information for the Dealogic SPAC API is available via the Swagger documentation.