SPAC API details


Detailed profiling of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs). Gain access to real-time content and analytics covering the full spectrum of the SPAC market, from IPO Filing/Pricing, additional fundraising via PIPEs, through to the M&A de-SPAC 

The Dealogic SPAC API provides critical insights to all counterparties on SPAC IPOs and resulting M&A Acquisitions. 

For SPAC Issuers: 

  • What is the best time, size, execution, and optimal investor makeup of an IPO? 
  • Who are the best private companies to target for my acquisition? 
  • Which competing SPACs are seeking acquisitions in my target sectors? 

For Bankers: 

  • Which management teams and sponsors are serial issuers to target? 
  • What relationships do I have with private companies that are potential SPAC targets? 
  • What is the expected acquisition size and how should additional financing be structured? 

For Investors: 

  • How are SPACs trading, and what will my yield be if I hold to redemption? Should I invest in the PIPE? 
  • Which SPAC sponsors have the best acquisition record, including post-acquisition share performance? 
  • Are Private Equity backed SPACs faster to find a deal? 

Key Data Sets included in the Dealogic SPAC API:

  • IPO deal size, structure, target sector and advisors 
  • Warrant coverage, forward purchase agreements, current trust amounts 
  • SPAC sponsor/management ownership and bios 
  • Equity holders 
  • M&A acquisition (De-SPAC) details including EV, multiples, advisors 
  • Associated PIPE and related financing 
Archive size
Over 1300 SPAC IPOs + Resulting M&A Acquisitions
Archive history
Since first SPAC in 1992
Information source
Dealogic Research
Content type
SPAC IPO details, SPAC structure including Management Teams and Sponsors, M&A Target profiling & de-SPAC details, PIPEs, Institutional holders of SPAC/de-SPAC entity
Delivery protocol
Authentication type
Basic Authentication
Response format
Update frequency
Point in time

Frequently asked questions

What is the coverage of SPAC transactions?

The SPAC API covers all SPAC IPO and De-SPACing events globally from IPO filing through the period while the SPAC is seeking a target, to the consummation of the M&A deal and post combination trading?

What is the regional coverage of the data?

We cover the global SPAC market.

What are the parameters I can use to query the API?

The API supports a wide range of query parameters and supports OData protocol, for the complete list visit the Swagger documentation. Examples of query parameters are free-text, SPAC issuer, target sectors and regions, SPAC Management & Sponsors, or IPO and de-SPAC deal details.