Private Equity Data API

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To access the API, you need a valid key. If you don’t have an API key, then you can obtain one by requesting more information or contacting our sales team.

This is an example of API key token, composed of a private key (string before the underscore) and a public key (string after the underscore):


The public part of the API key must be passed in the request as follows:

curl -H 'x-api-key: PUBLIC_API_KEY'


curl -H 'x-api-key: l05zZlrRtu3d5qtAoK4cP8Rrc48zAY7S8tlhAk8U'


If your API subscription is valid and there are no errors in your query, then you’ll receive a ‘200 OK’ response back with the matching payload.

If your API key is not authorized for the API you are calling, then you will receive a ‘401 Unauthorized’ error:

{"message": "Unauthorized"}