BDL Development Markets Sentiment API

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How to query 

You can use the following query to get the latest content matching your API subscription: 

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY'{stream_id}/{event_number}/{batch_size}


{stream_id} is the identifier for a given stream. In this case, the stream_id is equity_signals_dm_v3.

{event_number} is the last event number processed (-1 is the start). 

{batch_size} is the maximum number of events to return, capped at 1000. 

The server will return as many events as specified in the {batch_size} or as many as are available, whichever is smaller. When no events are returned the end of the stream has been reached. 

When no new events are available the server will hold the connection open until new events are available, for up to five minutes. This means events will be pushed to the client as soon as they become available in the system. The header ‘X-Long-Poll’ can be used to configure how long the server should hold the connection open awaiting new events. 

Given a stream with five events, numbered 0 to 4, the following would return immediately with event 4: 

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' -H 'X-Long-Poll: 10'{stream_id}/3/5

Given the same stream of five events, the below would return after 10 seconds or when the event with number 5 is published: 

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY' -H 'X-Long-Poll: 10'{stream_id}/4/5

If the intent is to subscribe to the live stream, a new request should be made whenever the previous has completed. When there are no new events the same request is repeated. Otherwise the event number is updated to that of the last processed event. 

To get the latest event number the following will give you the most recent ten events: 

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_API_KEY'{stream_id}/


Developed markets equity signals are generated in six regions one hour before Exchange close time in that region. Note that since some exchange close times account for daylight savings whilst the local time remains the same all year around the UTC time may vary. 

Region Exchange Time Zone Exchange close time Generation time 
North America NYSE America/New_York  16:00 15:00 
Europe XETRA Europe/Berlin 17:30 16:30 
UK LSE Europe/London 16:30 15:30 
Asia HGK Asia/Hong_Kong 16:00 15:00 
Japan TYO Asia/Tokyo 15:00 14:00 
Australia & NZ ASX Australia/Sydney 16:00 15:00 

Shortly after each of these generation times a single IndicatorGenerated event will be produced for the region containing details of the Indicators for that region. 

The API went live on January 8, 2021. The indicator event history was generated on this date using as-at input data. Events after this date are generated live. 

The following is an example of an IndicatorsGenerated event this will normally contain indicators for many instruments but for brevity this event only includes one: 


      "event_number" : 3230 

      "event_type" : "IndicatorsGenerated", 

      "data" : { 

         "date" : "2020-11-25", 

          "region" : "Asia (ex Japan)", 

         "instruments" : [ 


               "public_id" : "018d2e22f65061051c5cc4f3c4966479", 

               "ric" : "1398.HK", 

               "idea_volume" : "high", 

               "org_name" : "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd", 

               "bloomberg_ticker" : "1398 HK", 

               "indicator" : 10, 

               "components" : { 

                  "earnings" : 0, 

                  "intercept" : 5.4e-07, 

                  "decay" : 4.1e-07, 

                  "is_open" : 0, 

                  "experts" : 0 


               "org_id" : "103536", 

               "figi" : "BBG000Q16VR4"