Using technology to transform Imagination. Execution. Automation.

A community of visionary innovators, ION strives to simplify the way people work. We do that by providing workflow and process automation software, as well as providing real-time data and business intelligence to help people make better decisions.
Since our inception in 1999, we have helped our clients transform their businesses through continuous innovation. By designing solutions and services that turn complexity into simplicity, boost efficiency, and enable better decision-making, we help our clients achieve more at lower cost, so they can be more successful in the long term.

Our story

Our origins date to the 1990s. Back then, financial markets technology was still primitive. Every market had its own system, probably with a green screen, and every system worked differently.

Our CEO and founder was an arbitrage trader in the bond markets. He wanted to see prices from multiple markets and exchanges in one screen. He wanted to see and do everything in one system. He wanted to do the same things in the same ways, so that buying or selling bonds on one market would be the same as buying or selling them on another. And he wanted to automate the more mechanical parts of his work, to not waste time on tasks that a computer could perform instead.

Recognizing that automation, digitization, consolidation, visibility, actionable intelligence, and analysis held the key to transforming how financial markets and their participants operated, Andrea commissioned a fintech company to build the tool he wanted. Andrea was so pleased with the finished product that set up a company to do that, ION.

MarketView, ION’s first product, was a big success and ION grew rapidly. By simplifying access and providing a single view of data, the potential of ION’s technology was far-reaching – from initially developing software for financial institutions, ION has diversified and pivoted into new sectors and markets.

Much of ION’s growth has been through acquiring other companies. Initially, these were companies whose products added useful features to MarketView, or who could introduce MarketView to other types of financial markets, such as secured funding.

After the financial crisis of 2008, ION began to diversify and serve different types of markets and companies. From 2011, we moved into treasury solutions, and then into commodities and analytics. Recently, we’ve also moved into core banking.

We started out helping investment banks to trade fixed income bonds. That’s still an important part of what we do. Our trading solutions connect our clients to financial markets and exchanges around the world, enable them to trade faster and more easily, and help them decide what and when to trade. Our analytics solutions help them see and understand what’s happening in the markets, or even predict what’s going to happen.

Our treasury solutions help companies manage their bank accounts and move money around. For example, imagine a global corporation with operations all over the world. They might have hundreds of bank accounts in various currencies. Our solutions give them a clear view of how much money they have at any moment, and help them to fix or avoid any problems.

We also provide commodities management software. These solutions help companies manage their supply chains for raw materials or energy. For example, agricultural products such as grain, or fuels like coal, oil, and gas.

Today, we serve many types of companies. We are proud to count many of the world’s important and influential participants as our customers, including corporations, central banks, financial institutions, and governments worldwide. More than 40% of the world’s largest companies use our solutions.

Our expertise

  • Markets

    Our front to back solutions automate the complete trade lifecycle, helping to reduce operational risk, and deliver actionable business intelligence.

  • Analytics

    Human insight, machine intelligence, and advanced workflow automation combine, delivering personalized, targeted data and business intelligence to drive better decisions.

  • Core Banking

    Innovative core banking solutions, technological infrastructure and cloud, software solutions, regtech, system integration and application maintenance, and BPaaS.

  • Treasury

    Unique treasury and risk management solutions for managing liquidity at any scale, in any country, while mitigating financial, regulatory, and operational risks.

  • Commodities

    Leading commodity and energy trading and risk management solutions, offering comprehensive portfolio management and innovative decision support.

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Our values

Our purpose at ION is to automate wherever it makes a positive difference to people and business. This cascades into our corporate values:

  • We are entrepreneurial

    ION expands through the acquisition of entrepreneurial companies. We stay nimble which allows us to navigate dynamic markets and seize opportunities before others.

  • We are imaginative

    We believe in creating rather than patching. We are not limited by the status quo when looking for ways to design our systems or processes.

  • We are rigorous

    Our systems play a critical role within our clients’ businesses so our experts do things right, first time, with exceptional quality.

  • We think long-term

    We balance short-term opportunities with long-term sustainable relationships. We invest in R+D that shapes the future of automation and hence opportunities for our clients’ businesses.

  • We progress together

    Personal development at ION is collaborative and mutually beneficial. We inspire each other to succeed through a positive culture and continuous improvement.